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Shaved ice menu - summer only

Soft and fluffy mouthfeel
Fluffy texture
And the appetising aroma of tea.

Tea shaved ice

Please choose your favorite drink from the bottom of the screen for the set.

(All served HOT.)

かき氷 大理石込.png

Specialty shaved ice

drink set


Fluffy shaved ice with aromatic black tea ice.

The shaved ice is filled with smooth black tea cream and textured walnuts in perfect harmony.

The fluffy black tea espuma and refreshing black tea jelly topping further enhance the depth of flavour.


Fluffy tea espuma

Milk tea shaved ice

drink set


Aromatic black tea powder and thick black tea milk syrup intertwine perfectly.

The cream is hidden inside, giving it a rich flavour and a pleasant melt-in-your-mouth feel.


Refreshing black tea espuma

Lemon tea shaved ice

drink set


Fresh lemon tea compote and refreshing lemon tea syrup in delicious harmony.

The shaved ice is full of cream inside and a further layer of honey-lemon syrup and refreshment.

The perfect summer taste.


Chocolate milk tea shaved ice

Creamy milk espuma and chocolate shaving.

Rich black tea combined with chocolate milk syrup.

Milk syrup spreads on the bottom layer, with chocolate cream and crispy banana chips inside.

Enjoy stylish shaved ice with fun textures and exquisite flavours.


drink set


Peach puree on top of cream espuma.

Peach tea shaved ice

Peach tea syrup on the top layer and milk syrup spread on the bottom layer.

The inside is topped with cream and a more textured peach peel...

Enjoy the fresh taste of the season.

drink set



Lime Zesta in a refreshing lime carbonated espuma.

Butterfly tea shaved ice

Butterfly pea syrup and lemon syrup.

Honey lemon syrup spreads on the lower layer.

Inside, the yoghurt cream is topped with lemon zest.

Enjoy unique shaved ice with a fresh and intense flavour.


drink set

Drink Menu

Black Tea

(Flavoured tea)



※Please choose from the following

Earl Grey / Mango Blend / Peach Blend

Orange Blend / Rose Blend

Roasted green tea



Citron tea



=If you order shaved ice, it is a set=

※Only when the restaurant is full, we ask that you leave within 30 minutes of the shaved ice being served, including meals.
Thank you for your understanding and cooperation.

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